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What should be on your packing list for Sailing in Croatia?

When sailing through Croatia or other warm countries during the summertime you really do not need to pack a lot of things! And that is something you should always re-call while packing. Believe me when it comes to packing I am probably the best prepared person there is, I pack for every scenario and eventuality and beyond. However, when sailing it is rather relieving to pack as little as possible. Read here which items you should put on your packing list for sailing in Croatia.

Why you should pack differently for a sailing vacation than for a regular one?

First of all, there is only limited space on the boat. The cabinets are small, but it is nice to store your items in there and not live out of a bag every day. Second, during summer time you will be outside and mostly wear swimwear anyways. You only need a few additional items for the evening or when you plan on doing a land trip. As the cabinets are small you quickly loose track of what items you packed and can chose from. So it is a relief when you know exactly what you got with you and can chose from. That’s why it is important to have a packing list for sailing trips.

What bag to take for a sailing trip to Croatia?

Also I would recommend Croatia Packing List Sailing Tripnot to take a suitcase, but rather take a bag you can fold up and put away. There are many small storing spaces on the boat but not really any big ones. I bought this bag at Decathlon for a fairly cheap price and I think it is perfect for these trips. With this size I could easily fit all my belongings for 1 week. I could have probably also chosen a size smaller. A smaller bag is better to carry on your back, but i thought the big one would be better if I also want to use it for 2 week trips. I think both sizes work well depending on if you also need to carry towels and bed linen. What’s good about this bag is that you can extend it if needed.

Clothing packing list for sailing in mild temperatures

Packing List Sailing Croatia SailYachtSo in terms of clothing, following items should be on your packing list when sailing in Croatia or other mild temperatures:

  • Pair of jeans for evening or land trips
  • Shorts to wear during the day or just put over your swimwear
  • T-shirts and tops but do not take too many as already said you will mainly be laying out in your swimwear
  • Dress or shirt which you can wear on top of your bikini when you arrive in a marina or need some sun protection
  • Flip Flops
  • Pair of sneakers (for going on land)
  • Aqua shoes (On the boat you do not need any special footwear, i always just walked around barefoot. The water shoes come in quite handy when you are in a bay and you want to swim to the land. I bought mine on Amazon for a cheap price and these are really amazing! I also use them for catamaran sailing and they fit perfectly and dry fast.)
  • Fleece jacket or other Hoodie (in the evenings it can get a bit chilly)
  • Sunglasses
  • Socks & Underwear
  • Swimwear (Take a few here! You will be wearing this mainly during the day)
  • Pyjamas
  • Hat, Cap or Bandana (for sun protection)
  • Dress or some other nice clothing for going out at night / eating at a Marina
  • Rain Jacket / Water proof Jacket

Documents & Technology for a sailing trip

  • Passport or ID card + copy (I saved a copy of it on my cloud so I could access it from anywhere + a real copy in my big bag)
  • Camera and chargers
  • Storage Battery (if you don’t go to a marina daily, power and water will be valuable goods so it’s best to have an external storage battery to charge your phone or camera)

Personal Items on a sailing trip

  • Washbag (make sure you have one that fits all your items as you will take it to the shower houses in the marina)croatia sailing ocean bay boat
  • Bag for your washbag, towel and fresh clothes (I always take these standard pouches from dm for this, you can fit in your washbag towel and fresh clothes when going to the shower house in the Marina)
  • Sunscreen
  • Shower gel (Make sure that you take a shower gel which is not harming to the environment There are special ones sold for salt water but they are quite expensive. I would recommend just taking a ph-neutral one such as this one from Rossmann)

Other items to add to your packing list for Croatia

  • Beach towel (for salt water)
  • Towel for showering (check with the charter company whether they provide towels)
  • Flashlight
  • Medicine
  • Wet bag (this is nice if you plan on swimming to the land and may want to take your camera or shoes)
  • Earplugs (I would recommend taking some earplugs such as Ohropax if you are sleeping on the boat)
  • Tie for your sunglasses or regular glasses (best to take one which swims on the water and holds the glasses up)
  • Clothespins (great to dry your wet clothes such as swim wear on to the boat railing)
  • Duck Tape (this can be used for anything and comes in quite handy when sailing)
  • Snorkel and diving goggles to explore bays
  • Kitchen supplies for the sailing boat
  • Spices / Salt / Pepper (you don’t need an entire pack for a week of sailing so you could take some from home which are already half empty)
  • Sponges (bring some sponges from home so you don’t have to buy a big pack there)
  • Dishtowel (ask the charter company whether they provide these)

Hopefully this packing list was of help for you and you know what to pack for sailing in Croatia.