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What food to try when visiting Japan

What food to try when visiting Japan One thing I loved about traveling in Japan was trying all different kinds of food. There are so many Japanese dishes we do not have here and even typical Sushi or Ramen tastes completely different in Japan. There are also many other small dishes that I tried and …

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Traveling across Japan

Traveling across Japan This blog post is about our experience traveling across Japan. The trip to Japan is consecutive to our trip to Thailand, Hong Kong & Macao so if you want to know more about where we travelled before, check out this blog article. Our trip consisted of three big parts: Kyoto & Area, …

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Stopover in Hong Kong & Macao

From Thailand to Japan: Stopover in Hong Kong & Macao In September we had a big travel planned again: Japan! Japan was the main destination. Markus (my boyfriend) has been working there for the past months and I wanted to visit him at the end of his stay. So the plan was to travel several …

TUI Magic Life Kalawy Beach

TUI Magic Life Kalawy – Review

TUI Magic Life Kalawy – Club Vacation This article is about our stay at TUI Magic Life Kalawy. This was actually the first time I went to a Club for vacation. Not actually sure why I have never tried this type of vacation before. Our family vacations were always rather active or we stayed at …