Favorite YouTube Workout Yoga Mat

I already talked about why I love working out at home in my other blog post. In this blog post I want to show you some of my favorite YouTube Workout & Yoga Channels. The videos are also of different difficulty level so some are perfect for beginners as well.

YouTube Channels

Overtime I have tried several videos and channels on YouTube for workouts. I do not always like to search for new videos, but sometimes I just want to do something I already know. On my YouTube Account I have saved videos I like under different playlists e.g. Workout, Yoga, Stretch. Each time I do a new video and I like it, I save it to one of the playlists so that I can easily find it again. My playlists already contain a good amount of videos so I do not try new videos too often anymore.

YouTube Workout Channels

I love anything from HIIT to Pilates to Barre to whole body or cardio workouts.

My favorite channel is definitely popsugarfitness. They have amazing videos on there of all different kind of styles. They have their own trainers, but they also invite trainers from other programs or celebrity trainers so you get to peek into other workouts as well.

Top 3 popsugarfitness Workout Videos

In addition to popsugarfitness, I love the videos from Blogilates. She has amazing workouts where no equipment is needed at all and you can do them even in the smallest rooms at home. She also has some great 10 minute videos that I love to do on days when I am not so motivated. 10 minutes are quickly done and after that I often just do the next 10 minute workout.

Top 3 blogilates Workout & Stretch Videos

YouTube Yoga Channels

I used to attend some Yoga classes, but never really found a class where I liked the teacher 100%. On YouTube are so many Yoga Channels so you can try all kind of different videos until you find a teacher that matches for you. I started about 4 years ago with the Yoga videos of Cole Chance at Yogatx. Her videos are amazing! Even if you are new to Yoga she explains everything really well. The way she gives instructions is really detailed so you know what to watch out for and how to improve your posture.

Top 3 Cole Chance (yogatx) Yoga Videos

All these videos are great if you are new to Yoga as well. I started with these when I was a beginner as well, but I still love doing them as they release a lot of tension.