City Trip to Barcelona

Barcelona is a beautiful city for a short city trip. Especially during spring time when it is getting warmer, but it’s not too hot yet! The airport is closely located to the city and connected via Metro which is perfect for a two days city trip. I spent one weekend in March here as a girls trip. Barcelona is a perfect city to explore with your girlfriends. Read below what we did and how to get around in Barcelona.

City Trip Barcelona: Day 1

City Trip Barcelona Day 1 Harbor

We started our first day of our city trip in Barcelona by walking to the harbor. Actually we were searching for a breakfast worthy spot! There are some cafes at the harbor with a nice view, but I think that there are better choices in the areas Gracia or Gothic. However, at the harbor it might be less crowded. At the marina we found one café with a very nice view.

Barcelonetta, El Born, Gothic Quarter

After breakfast we strolled through Barcelonetta and made our way to the areas El Born and Gothic Quarter. I really enjoyed walking through the streets and looking at the houses full of flowers. These two areas were one of my highlights in Barcelona. Some of the streets are really full and packed with tourists, but sometimes you hit very empty streets as well.

La Catedral, La Ramblas, La Boqueria, Palau de la Musica

Afterwards we went to see La Catedral. There is also one small street leading to La Catedral. So on this street you can take nice picture with La Catedral in the background (see below). We also checked out La Ramblas, but only shortly as there were too many tourists for our taste. La Boqueria was quite impressive and we really enjoyed seeing all the vendors and variety of food. It’s a nice place to grab some fresh juice or fruits in the afternoon. Next stop was Palau de la Musica, which has a very nice Mosaique building. I think it is even more impressive from the inside, but I only saw it on pictures. If you have more time and are interested it might be worth to check it out.

La Catedral Barcelona

Park Güell & Tapas

Park Gell & Tapas Barcelona

We took the Metro to Park Güell. At Park Güell the entry for most areas is free. There is also a part of the park where you have to pay. The queues are quite long and it is recommended to buy your tickets upfront. We did not buy any tickets and I think you still see the park in its full beauty from those areas as well. The paid area has some more mosaique buildings than the free area. The park is also a nice stop to relax. There are many benches where you can rest and enjoy the view.

In the evening we hit some Tapas Bars in the Garcia area. There are many many Tapas bars and restaurants here. The area also seemed less touristic to us. It was really nice to just go from one place to the next, drink some wine and order some tapas.

City Trip Barcelona Park Güell

City Trip to Barcelona: Google Maps Day 1

I marked on Google maps all the spots that I wanted to see. This way we could use Google maps to see where we need to go next. I also enjoy strolling through the streets without a specific goal, but you can always go back to the map and check where to head to next. Google has this option to mark them as

These were the spots that I saved for Day 1 in Barcelona on Google Maps:

  1. Barcelonetta
  2. El Born
  3. Gothic Quarter
  4. La Catedral
  5. Las Ramblas
  6. La Boqueria
  7. Palau de la Musica
  8. Park Güell
  9. Tapas Bar

City Trip Barcelona: Day 2

Our second day started with a breakfast at La Boqueria. We basically grabbed some fresh juice, fruits and pastry and went to Placa Reial. At Placa Reial we sat at the fountain, enjoyed the view and ate. La Boqueria is fairly cheap. If you want to save some money and don’t have an expensive breakfast at a café I would recommend to shop here. There are so many places around where you can sit and eat. We did a lot of walking and sometimes used the Metro for longer distances.

Casa Batllo, Casa Mila, Sagrada Familia

After breakfast we walked to Casa Batllo and Casa Mila and enjoyed the view from outside. From there we made our way to Sagrada Familla. We did not enter the church but only enjoyed the view from outside. On one side of the church is a small pond and you can take nice picture with the church in the background. It is very packed at Sagrada Familla as this is one of the main tourist spots.

City Trip Barcelona Sagrada Familla Arc de Triomphe Park de la Ciutadella

Sagrada Familia, Arc de Triomphe, Park de la Ciutadella

From Sagrada Familla you can take the metro for one stop or walk to Arc de Triomphe. I would say it is nice to see, but not a must see. There are far more impressive old buildings to see. What is nice is the park “Park de la Ciutadella” which is behind the Arc de Triomphe. The park is nice to walk through and takes you back to the beach area.

Beach or Park de Montjuic

In the afternoon we made our way via the park back to the beach. It was getting really sunny and warm and we felt like soaking up some sun and relaxing. We went to the board walk and stopped at a bar (Sea Bar) for drinks. It is nice to sit there, drink some Sangria and watch the people walking by on the Board Walk. Alternatively, if you are still full of energy you can also go to the Park de Montjuic, which will give you a nice view over the city and the beach front.

City Trip Barcelona Beach

City Trip to Barcelona: Google Maps Day 2

These were the spots that I marked on Google Maps for the second day:

  1. La Boqueria & Placa Reial for Breakfast
  2. Casa Batllo & Casa Mila
  3. Sagrada Familla
  4. Arc de Triomphe
  5. Park de la Ciutadella
  6. Board walk for Drinks (Sea Bar) or Park de Montjuic

Hola Barcelona Card

After arriving at the airport you can follow the metro signs. Before entering the metro you will see the ticket vending machines (red ones). It was very easy to purchase the Hola Barcelona Card here. The Hola Barcelona card can be purchased for 48 hours, 72 hours etc. If you arrive by plane I think it makes sense to buy the Hola Barcelona card as it also includes the transfer from the airport to the city center. There are also cards for 10 individual trips, but that one does not include the airport. You can also buy the card beforehand online, but I am not really sure what the advantage is. The machines were really easy to understand. You can get some more info here.